Three Tips For Packing Up A Kitchen

Packing a kitchen can be tricky. Many items are breakable, so packing these items properly is important to ensure they don't wind up in pieces. You also have many items in a kitchen that can take up a lot of space if not properly packed. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you pack up your kitchen for a move.

Utilize the Nesting Technique

The nesting technique helps you to maximize space in your moving boxes. Many of your pots, pans, bowls and cups don't need to be packed separately. They can rest inside of larger bowls and pots. Start with your biggest pot or bowl and add in smaller bowls and pots, stacking them inside. If you are worried about your items scratching during transit, lay a piece of tissue paper or newspaper between your layers.

Use Plenty of Padding around Your Dishes

Dishes can easily be damaged during a move. They can chip, scratch, crack or shatter. And if money is tight, you may not want to buy the boxes and foam sleeves that are designed to protect your dishes during a move. While these items are not a necessity, plenty of padding is. Make sure you use tissue paper, bubble wrap or some other form of padding to safe guard your dishes during a move. Alternatively, you can use items such as towels, shirts or dish rags to pad your items. Get creative if need be but ensure you use plenty of padding. Once they are padded, place the dishes upright in your moving box. Do not try to place your dishes sideways to make them fit or they could end up damaged as they shift and bounce around on their side during transport.

Roll up Socks and Place Them Inside Stemware

One of the most fragile items you will have to pack for a move in your kitchen is stemware. This includes your champagne flutes and martini glasses. Instead of wadding newspaper or tissue paper inside of the glasses, roll a pair of clean socks up and stick them inside of each glass. This provides padding without scratching the glass. Once you have rolled socks in each glass, roll the glass up in bubble wrap. Place the glasses face down in a cup, so the mouth of the stemware is facing downward. This is the heaviest part of the glass, so placing it this way can prevent your glasses from having their stems snapped off during transport.

Packing a kitchen can be a time consuming task. You have many small items in a kitchen that you have to properly prepare and pack to ensure they don't become damaged during a move. If packing a kitchen sounds like a larger task than you anticipated, a moving company can assist you with packing, transporting and unloading your belongings. Contact one today to find out how they can assist you.

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