Storage Unit Preparation For Wooden Objects

It may be time to put that antique collection of chairs or custom wood workbench away. Long-term storage is a viable option, but without the right preparation, you could be putting sensitive objects into a steamy part of the state with humidity that can ruin wood. Along with careful inspection, take the time to understand what you'll need to keep your wooden belongings safe for as long as possible.

Dehumidifiers to Remove Moisture

Water damage can ruin your belonging in different ways, depending on what the object is made out of. Solid wood should be resistant against a short, small amount of moisture, but continuous water exposure can lead to swelling and rotting. Painted wood can begin to lose its color as the pain separates, and wood made out of pulp or blended materials can come apart if not kept dry.

There are many sources of moisture that could ruin wood. Leaks can be easily located and patched with a careful inspection, but there are multiple sources of humidity to worry about. Some areas near swamps, rivers or oceans may have a constant humidity issue that could load to rotting and other forms or water damage over time. Even if there's no large body of water in the immediate area, the landscape may be prone to storms and trapping humid winds in the area.

A dehumidifier is necessary for those daily humidity situations. By removing humidity from the storage room, you can reduce the amount of regular moisture exposure and keep your property safe from water damage. For larger storage rooms, you'll want to make sure that the dehumidifier is strong enough for the entire room. With mini storage units, a single dehumidifier from a department store may be necessary.

Ask the storage facility manager for the measurements of the storage unit to get a good estimate of the dehumidifier you may need.

Sealing and Wrapping Wooden Materials

Small objects can be kept inside relatively affordable containers, but getting a container around a wooden chair or larger objects is harder. It's possible, but the investment may not be worth your time.

If you decide to wrap chairs using protective materials such as a zipped bag, make sure to inspect the parts of the bag near any corners or pointed edges. Poking a hole in the bag with your property is easy to do with rigid, wooden furniture.

Another option is to use water-resistant treatment to coat the wooden objects. Wood finish is available for painting over wooden surfaces, but even a clear finish can change the appearance of the wood surface. Decide whether you want to preserve the antique look or not and consider consulting a woodworking professional for an advanced treatment.

Contact a storage unit facility manager like Santa Monica Mini Storage to discuss different storage protection issues and to learn from past experiences in the area.