Top Benefits Of Climate-Controlled Self Storage As A Survivalist

As a survivalist who takes pride in being prepared for a disastrous situation, there are great benefits to having a cache of supplies located away from your home in a self-storage unit. This gives you and your loved ones access to necessary supplies in the event that your home becomes off limits or you are forced to leave. While you are looking for just the right facility for your cache of supplies, one of the biggest features you should be looking for is climate control. There are a few good reasons why heating and cooling will be an absolute necessity when it comes to long-term storage. 

Keep Water Supplies Safe - If you are like a lot of preppers, your water supplies will either be stored in single-serve plastic bottles or large five-gallon jugs that are also made of plastic.  Water exposed to high temperatures that is kept in plastic containers may become unsafe to consume because of an increase in cancer-causing toxins. Further, freezing temperatures could cause the water jugs to bust open as ice expands. 

Prolong the Shelf-Life of Foods - Most dry grocery foods, such as rice, beans, and powdered milk, have a shelf life of at least a few years. However, if high humidity levels become a problem in the summer, it could easily affect the stability of these types of foods. A storage unit that has heat in the winter and cooling in the summer will help you to avoid this kind of issue. 

Eliminate Concerns of Pests - You are less likely to see issues with pests in a self-storage facility that has climate control, especially in the summer when bugs and rodents will be attracted to heat and higher humidity levels inside of a unit. When you have a main cache of food supplies in storage that you will have to rely on in an emergency, pests will be a huge concern. 

Keep Batteries Safe - Batteries will easily be one of the most crucial items you have in your cache of survival supplies beyond food and water. However, batteries do not fare well in extreme temperatures. Both hot and cold temperatures can negatively affect the power and life span of your batteries. Heat can actually decrease shelf life, while cold temperatures will affect how much power a battery has until it warms back up to room temperature.

Keeping a cache of survival equipment in heated self-storage units means that you will have access to what you need when or if you have to leave your house. Make sure you get the utmost in long-term protection for your investment by opting for a climate-controlled unit.