Simplifying Your Cross-Town Move

Moving is never an enjoyable process, and even less so if you're having to relocate all your belongings alone. Whether due to scheduling conflicts or being new in town, even a local move is challenging on your own. However, there are companies that can help, and options available to you, but there are also some pitfalls to be avoided.

Hired Hands

For something as menial as moving, you might be tempted to seek out the lowest price out there, but that can be dangerous if you're not careful. Avoid using online classified ads or bulletin boards to ask for help, and focus on bonded individuals who operate under a business license. This will help you avoid dishonest individuals who lack any form of insurance or real experience with professional moving companies.

Avoid underestimating the amount of work ahead of you, and schedule at least two movers to help you. You'll pay a higher hourly rate, but the loading and unloading will go faster because you won't need to help with any team-lifts. Instead, you can focus on any final packing that needs done, and loading small, fragile or valuable items into your personal vehicle.

A Man and His Van

Package deals that combine both movers and transportation are often more affordable than renting a van and hiring help separately. Often, these services include transportation as a flat rate up to a predetermined distance, which may be based on how far you are from their central office or the distance between your old and new address. Avoid looking only at cost though, and focus on the space you'll have to load your furniture, any boxes, and any large appliances.

While many moving companies do offer online scheduling, you might do well to actually get a look at the vehicle they'll be using ahead of time. This will help you get an idea of just how much of your household will fit, and decide whether or not you should schedule for a larger van. As with the additional movers, a larger van will cost more, but you'll stand a better chance of completing the move in a single trip rather than going back and forth between addresses.

Going it alone on moving day is a less than ideal situation under the best of circumstances, but there's no reason you should have to. Plan ahead, contact the right companies, and your next local move will go far easier than you might have expected.

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