Moving? Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes

If you are planning on moving to a new residence soon, don't delay in making plans. Now is the time to start planning, whether you are moving in a few weeks or a few months. The more prepared you are, the smoother the moving experience will be. Here are some common mistakes to be sure you avoid.

Over-Packing Boxes

A very common mistake made by people who are not experienced with moving on their own is packing boxes with too much stuff or belongings that weigh too much. Even if all of your books fit in the big, sturdy box you just got, doesn't mean you should stuff them all in there. Heavy items like books and small electronics should be spread out as much as possible. If you have a total of five boxes of stuff for your office belongings, split up the heavy items so that a few of them are in each box. This keeps people from trying to struggle with a heavy box and prevents boxes from breaking during the move.

Not Measuring Furniture Beforehand

If you are bringing furniture from your old home to a new one, make sure you take measurements beforehand. At the very least, measure the door of your current home and the door of your new home. If your new home has a smaller door, your sofa or dining table might not fit. You are in luck if your furniture comes apart, as you can disassemble it during the move, then reassemble it when you are in the new home.

However, if it doesn't come apart and the measurements hint that it won't fit through the door, you need to think of some alternatives. You might come to a point where you need to decide if you should leave it behind and buy a new sofa or table.

Forgetting to Pack a "First Night" Box

A first night box is a box that includes all the essentials you need for the first night and following morning in your new home. After spending all day moving boxes and furniture, you won't have any energy for unpacking. You also don't want to be searching through boxes for your toothbrush or pajamas. Think of things you will need for that night and the following morning, such as a set of clothing, toiletries, coffeemaker, and other personal effects. Keep them in a box labeled "First" or "1." Let the movers know this box needs to be in the front room so it can be accessed easily.

Not Getting Enough Help

Just because you are moving from a small home and have kids to help, doesn't mean you don't need additional help. If you are not hiring movers and have some friends who would be willing to help, don't hesitate to ask them. The more people there are, the faster it will go and the less strenuous it is for you and your family. It is also a great idea to hire professional movers if you have the opportunity to do so. You can even hire the company to pack boxes for you.

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