How To Get Electronics Ready For Long Term Storage

It's very easy to store your furniture and kitchen materials, but it can be difficult to store your electronics without inadvertently ruining them due to the moisture that might occur naturally during the course of storage. Follow these steps to make sure that your electronics are ready for long term storage and that you will be able to get them out of your storage unit and be able to use them with no problems.

1. Remove All of the Cords

First, remove all of the detachable cords from any electronics that you are planning to store. Wrap up these cords individually and secure them with a special cord tie that you can buy at a hardware store or with a large piece of string. Before you set the cord down, make sure that you label it by taking a piece of masking tape and wrapping it around one of the parts of the cord. Use a permanent marker to write down what piece of electronic equipment the cord goes to and what it is used for. This will allow you to make sure that you are able to match cords and electronics easily. Put all of the wrapped cords into a box and label the box with the name "cords."

2. Wrap Up the Screens

Next, take some old blankets are wrap up the electronics that have screens, such as televisions or computer monitors. You do not want to use bubble wrap because the plastic will trap any humidity on top of the electronics and increase the chances that moisture will be able to get into the system.

3. Put the Electronics in Boxes

Store your equipment in large cardboard or plastic boxes that are large enough for you to put in extra padding in order to make sure that nothing gets jostled and subsequently damaged during the move. 

4. Put in Silicone Packets

Before you seal the boxes, make sure that you throw a few silicone gel packets into the boxes. These packets will help you make sure that all of the moisture is being absorbed one a regular basis and not invading your electrical systems and destroying them. You can purchase these special packets online or at a hardware store.

For more information about packing up your electronics for long term storage, talk to your secure self storage company, like Ventu Storage Center. They will likely have advice and materials that they can dispense to help you make your storage experience a success.